An Introduction to Possibility — The World of Bespoke

Craft an Original in Los Gatos, CA

Just when it was thought to be impossible, the standard was shattered, then reconstructed, with the Rolls-Royce Bespoke. Unburden yourself from the limitations of the past with the unique craftsmanship and experience of the Bespoke models. Built upon the fantasy and imagination of a collection of curators, designers and artists around the world, the Bespoke team offers your dreams to be made into reality. The question is, where will you find your inspiration?

Luxury Cars Los Gatos offers our guests from San Jose, Santa Clara, Fremont and Hayward the Bespoke experience, an exclusive opportunity to envision your very own Rolls-Royce. Collaborate with the world’s best artisans to express what you’ve always wanted, but could never quite articulate. Travel to distant lands to be inspired by their shapes, perspectives, colors and forms, and together, perfect what’s already made perfect.

The Exclusivity of Coachbuild

The Exclusivity of Coachbuild

The purest representation of luxury: a Rolls-Royce. Fulfill your ambitious vision with our Coachbuild program, a direct one-on-one with the curators and designers of Rolls-Royce. The collaboration that brought the world (and one lucky patron) the Sweptail, the rare motor car that shocked critics and clients with its composition, Coachbuild takes Bespoke a step further into the creative process. Everything from the conceptual design -- the first line on the sheet of paper -- to the final coachline painstoke is at your fingertips. Be moved, and start envisaging.

Accessories in Bespoke

Give your Rolls-Royce a personal touch with our selection of handcrafted accessories, designed upon your request.

  • Personalised cushions
  • Stitched luggage
  • Illuminated treadplates
  • Indoor car covers
  • Embroidered headrests
  • Monogrammed glove box lid
  • And more

Inspiring Greatness: The All-New Rolls-Royce Ghost

Have further questions about Bespoke models? We can answer them. Give us a telephone or stop by our dealership at 620 Blossom Hill Rd., Los Gatos, CA 95032. We look forward to serving our luxury clients from San Jose, Santa Clara, Fremont and Hayward.