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Aston Martin DBX. Let it take your breath away at Los Gatos luxury cars

Discover your 2021 Aston Martin DBX in Los Gatos, CA

One look and you’ll know — the DBX is Aston Martin in everything from style to performance. It’s the first-ever SUV from Aston Martin, our favorite sports and supercar automaker, so principles of beauty, luxury and driving dynamics are deeply ingrained in this new body style. Engineers have unmistakably woven Aston Martin design language into this crafted, new piece of art. Every Aston Martin that came before it was made with passion, and it’s this fiery drive that transcends body styles and houses itself rather neatly in the DBX. Travel the open road ahead in the breathtaking 2021 Aston Martin DBX — you won’t miss the convertibles and coupes.

Aston Martin DBX | A New Dimension

Principles of Beauty, Luxury and Driving Dynamics

It’s like nothing that came before it, and yet everything that came before it. The DBX sports an exterior that’s still deeply Aston Martin — the traditional grille, diamond-turned wheels, badge, headlamp shales and side stripes — while still carving a new path. Sculpted in one and two third proportions, this five-door SUV is sculpted to emphasize the middle by keeping the lower third in shadow, giving the impression that the poised DBX is ready to launch at the turn of the key. The unique body architecture can seat up to five passengers, so classic heart-pounding adventures are open to more friends who are lucky enough to come along. And with 22 cubic feet of luggage capacity available, the cargo volume of the DBX adds a bit of practicality.
Ready to take flight at any given moment, the 4.0-litre V8 twin turbo engine of the Aston Martin DBX waits patiently for the ignition. Its capabilities can reach a top speed of 181 mph, and if your Saturday turns into a full day of track testing, buckle in to feel the DBX move from 0-60 mph in a blistering 4.3 seconds. At your disposal is more than 516 lb-ft of torque and two Terrain driving modes that adjust the suspension and the bespoke all-wheel drive systems to whatever the road ahead brings. The 2021 Aston Martin DBX brings raw, exhilarating power to every drive — we can barely wait for you to test its performance.
In thoughtful juxtaposition, the DBX harmoniously combines beauty with durability. Luxurious, hand-brushed metal accents protect surfaces where loading and unloading is common, and cover the sport pedals in a splash of satin chrome. A full grain “Caithness” leather interior trim is illuminated by the 64-color, dual-zone ambient lighting, but if you don’t immediately fall in love, choose between two more options, including the first-ever use of woven wool felt in a production road car. Your selection continues with seven dashboard veneers and three seat detailing: broguing, perforation and quilting.
Customization continues in every layer of the DBX — not just the interior. Eight different trims offer eight different flavors, and we’re tempted to try each one. Find a complex culmination of modernity and tradition with the Bohemian Escape, awaken your senses with the Mojave Minimalist or go in the understated route with the technical blue and red accents of the Regatta. From wheel sizes to exterior paint, from interior packages to leather stitching (and everything in between), you’ll find that customizing your DBX will almost be as fun as driving it.

Which DBX is Right for You?

An Aston Martin in SUV Form.

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