Clear Bra Film Protection


Applying clear bra protection is a very popular and highly recommended step to keep your exotic car protected from rock chips, road rash and scratches that unfortunately are quite inevitable on these ultra luxury cars with very prominent front grilles. There are many options available to you from basic bumper coverage to wrapping your entire car, but there are three that are done on 95% of all applications. AII clean bra materials are backed by a lifetime warranty to never peeI, bubble or crack. Once you decide on the package you're most interested in let me know and I will make arrangements to have it installed prior to delivery on shipping of your vehicle. The cost of the clear bra may be purchased via check enclosed, added to the wire, credit card by phone or included in your financing.

For questions or a custom quote for an option not listed above please contact

Gren Lewis, Sales Manager (408) 827-3728